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IBM employees share some of their best tips and address common misconceptions about software engineers

Providing access to information

With recruitment season looming arkisites wanted to make sure that our community were well prepared to put in a strong application at some of the most competitve tech firms (Google, Apple, Bloomberg etc). We understood the fact that working in a big tech organisation may not the ambition of everyone one the members in our community. However, irrespective of the organisation or role we wanted to make sure that our community are able to submit strong applications to secure that graduate role.

How to secure a role in tech

We were able to shoot with developer advocate Mofe Salami who has around four years of experience in the tech sector. He shared his top five tips, tricks and successes that willbe useful when applying for a role in tech. He provided insght that will be valuable to prospective applicants that will be applying for a role in tech.

In short his advice was (a more in depth blog post will be uploaded soon):

  • Have a firm grasp of what the role entails.
  • Have a portfolio of programs or applications that you have built in the past.
  • Understand what is expected from you.
  • Be prepared and well acquainted with different types of interview tests.
  • Be honest with the experiences and skills that you have.
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Breaking down common misconceptions

SMART? GEEKY? BORING? These are some of first things that come to mind when people think about software developers and there are many more that are just simply not true.

We noticed that trying to enter the tech sector can be a daunting experience for some; from the technical jargon to what seems like an exclusive community. With the help of graduate software engineer David Egbue we aimed to debunk a lot of the myths and misconceptions that people commonly have about software engineers. We wanted to educate our community about what being a software engineer actually entails, highlight the diversity of personalities and characters in the role, and hopefully address any reservations they once had.

In short the misconceptions that were addressed were (a more in depth blog post will be uploaded soon):

  • Developers are a bunch of geeks with no social life.
  • Developers can solve of your computing needs.
  • Developers have a corporate culture.
  • Developers always know what they are doing.
  • The more programming languages you know, the better a developer you are.
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