there is strength in numbers

there is a lack of online communities for techies from minority ethnic groups... so we created our own

a place to share

our community has a culture of sharing, despite the fact that we have a channel called "#resources" our community doesn't just share useful applications or programs with each other. it's a place where the sharing of experiences and best practices is commonplace.

true empowerment

we believe that our community should represent the same diversity we are tying to achieve. this community contains people with shared values, from a diverse range of backgrounds (from ethnicity to job roles) who are keen on making tech more accessible to minority ethnic groups.

wide reaching

we have five channels that prosepctive members of our community can join:
🤝 advocates - ideal for individuals who hold a senior position in an organisation and are dedicated to making the tech sector more accessible and diverse (n.b. these individuals do not necessarily have to be part of a minority ethnic group).
🖥developers/designers - ideal for developers/designers or anybody interested in programming/design
💡 founders - ideal for founders of their startups or anybody interested in the startup ecosystem
👨🎓 students - ideal for students who are studying comp sci or a related field, also suitable for students interested/have a passion for tech


anyone in our community will tell you that when you have a career in tech it involves constant learning and building. we encourage members of our community to foster meaningful relationships with other members of the community. it is our hope that we facilitate learning and collaboration within our community

are you still skeptical?

if you didn't believe a word we said take a look at what some of the members of our community have to say
“Arkisites has connected me with like minded people within minority ethnic groups. It’s a great community to share and receive resources within various industries that lack diversity"
Natalie Adeyinka
Software Developer Intern
“the community sprung forth as the well-needed solution to an issue of a lack of discoverable community for minority ethnic developers, designers and other key workers within the tech space.
David Egbue
Software Engineer
"there's a saying that goes like this, it takes a village to build a child! and in tech it's now more than ever so important to have communities like arkisites supporting and building the next pipeline of those in tech".
Stephen Chapendama
Technology Manager