Adeniyi Adedoyin

Operations Lead
“I tend to be the only black person in my lecture room.”

Adeniyi Adedoyin, most commonly referred to as Ade, is a computer science and mathematics undergraduate at the University of Manchester. Ade was born and raised in South-East London and is of Nigerian descent (as you undoubtedly can guess from his name).

As an aspiring technologist Ade is in the early development stages of his journey into the technology industry, he serves as a key insight into the demographic of which arkisites aims to benefit. Coming to university Ade was shocked at the lack of diversity on his course; being the only black person in his lecture rooms. Ade then found out that much like his course, the tech sector lacks diversity; upon realisation of this he joined arkisites so that we can make computer science related courses and the tech sector more accessible to minority ethnic groups.

Having a passion for sporting activities such as football, running and cycling, he regularly participates in physical activities like playing for the university football team or going to the gym in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In his spare time he enjoys listening to both comedic and insightful podcasts in his downtime such as 3Shots of tequila and Disunomics.

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